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Yes, not only is there such a publication as Entrepreneur Magazine, but they are trying to make “‘trep” a thing

What words best describe you? Prick. Dickhead. Tosspot. YOU MIGHT JUST BE A ‘TREP!

Basically: Stop trying to make ‘trep happen

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Yurt Maintenance Part 3: Ta-Daaaaaaa


So suitably refreshed and not at all knackered and thinking “sod it lets leave it a week” we now had to put it back.

Rugs were rearranged and furniture roughly placed

The door gets wedged, and the trellis is lashed together in a big loop - we were much more careful to keep a consistent height - the “v”s at the top of the trellis level with the door top. Unfortunately, one of the trellis pieces is just more bowed that the others so squonk not completely resolved.

The trellis is then bound to the door with rope

the crown is raised and poles can now be attached

 This is a fiddly and tricky job and so it is inappropriate to break off and take photos while doing it :-)

So we leap forward to the cotton inner is on and the wall is being unfurled

Roof felt is lifted on (2 pieces) and rolled out - holding the wall felt roughly in place.

The the 2 piece canvas layer goes on

Then finally (and late, as it took a while to inspect all the seams and tape them where needed) the outer cover goes on.

In the dark I sprayed it with Wet & Forget a remarkable product for the removal of “green slime” from the outside - spray it on,let it dry and the next few times it rains the green slides off (seriously good stuff, used it on out awning and it is amazing).

Overall, the yurt is a few centimeters smaller but feels even more sturdy, it still lists to the side but not as bad and the inside is re-arranged to be even more welcoming and usable.

Of course we now have the task of leak spotting any blocking for the next few times it rains and such like but down and up in a day - JUSt!


The Yurt’s been up for nearly a year and so we needed to take it down, check it out and put it back up.  The plan was to move the stove location and hopefully sort out how much of a squonk it was on, due to us having no experience. Also we wanted to rearrange the tatty tarpaulins we’d added to fully waterproof it so that it looked nicer.

Removing the straps/planks and tatty tarp

The water proof layer now goes revealing the green canvas and the felt

The roof felt comes off

then the cotton liner, and inner wall hangings went straight into the washing machine

The wall felt was next, one big piece

The poles then came down

The trellis can now come down

Revealing all

Which then has to be hurriedly covered up due to showers (we were expecting them, but it was still the only “mostly dry” day available to us)

Time For A rest


Advice from a 40 year old man to young people about your A-level results today


By UsVsTh3m editor, Rob Manuel


I spent the morning reading all sorts of nonsense from my peers advising young people about how they should / shouldn’t worry about their A-level results - and it occurred to me how time specific and irrelevant it all is to kids today, as circumstances change…

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Flawless logic:

More flawless logic:

The #WomanAgainstFeminism hashtag briefly trended a week or so ago; it’s uncertain whether the #TreesAgainst Environmentalism movement will gain the same momentum.


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Ooh what a super moon


usvsth3m: The Sunday Sport just told off the Guardian on Twitter for writing about penises

The Guardian published a pretty funny story on Nike+ penis drawings this morning - this is how the Sunday Sport responded:

Fair enough guys, fair enough

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Toshio Suzuki has announced the closure of Studio Ghibli. Here’s a translated version of the news article:

"Just moments ago, Toshio Suzuki, Studio Ghibli producer, announced on the TV show of the MBS Jounetsu Tairiku chain effectively as announced as sources close to the studio, Studio Ghibli will close and production studio anime, leaving himself only as a company that will manage its trademarks. As stated in the program’s producer, "the production department of anime will be dismantled," which coincides with the data that we gave in our previous post on this decision had been taken from spring after the poor reception at the box office of Kaguya-hime no Monogatari.

In the interview, Suzuki has also admitted that it was a major setback for the study progress Hayao Miyazaki, one of the reasons already unveiled the portal Rakuten Woman. Once we have access to the full TV interview, adding more data. No doubt that this is a very sad news for Japanese animation, of which we are all fans, because it is undeniable everything Studio Ghibli has given the anime. Please remember that what will be his last film, Omoide no Marnie, premiered at the Japanese box office on 19 July.”

Well, here’s some gloomy news to start the week with

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